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CADS Educational Program
Professional software for teaching purposes at an affordable price.

How would it sound if your educational institution had access to professional CAD design programs at a few hundred Euros? There would at last be enough licences for once, there would be a professional product for all fields, and software maintenance would be free of charge, and the licences could also be used in training directed at companies. The unique CADS Educational Program makes this possible. And a lot more as well.

All CADS software at your disposal.

The CADS Educational Pack products include licences for all CADS software. The pack contains field-specific software for the following fields: electric/automation (Electric), HVAC (Hepac), building (House), profile structures (Profile), mechanics (Mechanic), process schemas (PI), geotechnology (GeoXY), cooling technology (Ref) and raster image processing (Rasta). Not forgetting, of, course the CADS basic software which is excellently applicable for the so-called basic CAD education.

A solution offering superior benefits.

  • At last enough licences for once
    (Educational Pack 100: 100 network licences, Educational Pack 200: 200 network licences).
  • All software levels (Lite, Standard, Pro) in the pack => target group relevant software in teaching.
  • Free of charge maintenance => the latest versions which are also used in business are always available.
  • Can also be used for company training.
  • Also Educational SA licences for individual use (for teachers, for lending to students).
  • Training materials can be used free of charge.

Three different packs according to the licence need.

  • CADS Educational Pack 100, 200 €
    (includes 100 network access rights)
  • CADS Educational Pack 200, 300 €
    (includes 200 network access rights)
  • CADS Educational Pack SA, 90 €
    (includes one standalone licence)
    23% value-added tax is added to all prices.

CADS student licence.

We are offering a CADS student licence free of charge for students. It enables the use of the genuine CADS design system for study-related tasks.