Koulutus (EN)

CADS student licence
CAD design system at your disposal for the duration of your studies.

As a full-time technical field student, you have an opportunity of acquiring the CADS design system for your use free of charge throughout academic year.

Design applications that are widely used in the business world.

With the CADS student licence, you will have access to the real design applications which are widely used in the business world. You can familiarise yourself with the working principle of the design systems, their design data management properties, etc. You will have software solutions which are completely equivalent to the company licences at your disposal.

Meant for study-related tasks.

You can use the CADS student licence for study-related tasks, including the documentation related to your graduation projects. Using the software with intent to earn profit is, naturally, forbidden. If you wish to use the software for summer work or for gainful work during the academic term, it is possible as well for a separate fee (90 €/month).

Entitles the usage of Kymdata Internet update service.

The CADS student licence agreement also entitles you to the use of Kymdata Internet update service, whereupon you can download the latest software versions directly from the Internet with a personal user ID!

The software can be redeemed after studentship.

After your student days are over, you can redeem the software for yourself according to the valid CADS price list. The annual payments that you have paid will be compensated for in full.

What to do to get a student licence?

For applying CADS Electric license in Finland please fill your application here. In Baltic countries please contact Kymdata Oy´s office in Tallinn, Estonia.