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One CAD solution.
That is all you need.

The CADS product range offers a superior entity for the CAD needs of large organisations. The extensive three-level product range, excellent compatibility, completely Finnish software, versatile licensing possibilities and cost efficient group maintenance are examples of the superiority factors of our CADS concept.

Precision tools for different needs from an extensive product range.

Our product range includes field-specific applications (electrics/automation, profile structures, geotechnology) as well as the full CAD basic software, the CADS, which functions as their platform. The CADS DM offers an efficient solution for document management. The CADS Viewer, which is offered free of charge, is excellent for drawing viewing and printing needs. You can have all the software cost-efficiently from the same developer!

The right tool for the right place.

The two-level CADS product range offers optimal solutions for every need of your organisation: Basic for small-scale designing, and, as the flagship, Pro versions for full-scale designing.

Appropriate licences for the usage of the entire organisation.

You can optimise licence acquisitions cost-efficiently with the help of the CADS licence options. Individual licences are most appropriate for a continuous usage need, for example, for designers. With the CADS network licences, the software can be widely accessed, and the number of licences can be optimised on the basis of the simultaneous use need. It is also possible to borrow network licences, for example, for the duration of a business trip.

Excellent compatibility.

The CADS excellent compatibility with, for example, DWG files enables the utilisation of old CAD drawing archives as well as smooth co-operation with the different designing parties.

An overall economic solution.

When an opportunity of centralised group maintenance is added to the abovementioned strengths, the overall economic efficiency of the CADS software solution is obvious. More efficiency, less costs.