CADS Electric
Efficient solution for demanding needs.

The versatile CADS Electric adapts from one project and application to another. It is widely applicable for different designing and documenting needs in the electric and automation field: electrical installation, industrial electricity and automation, and the layout design of centres as well as designing distribution networks.

From BIM design to the demanding needs of industry.
In the sector of building electrical installation, the CADS Electric covers the needs, all the way from data model based design (BIM) to the final contracting documentation.

For the various needs of industry, the CADS Electric includes efficient tools, from demanding database-based electrical and automation design all the way to maintenance needs.

Undisputed compatibility.
From DWG files to IFC data models, from taking the standards of the electric/automation field into consideration all the way to the effective batch processing functions of Electric: the CADS Electric is genuinely compatible!

A wide product range for the needs of different levels.
The two-level product range of CADS Electric enables the acquisition of a software solution which is perfectly dimensioned for your needs. The CADS Electric is available in English and in Finnish.

Welcome to the world of Electric.


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