Electric | 3D (EN)

Data model based 3D design with the simplicity of 2D.

The CADS Electric is also an efficient solution for data model based (BIM) building electrical design, which is becoming more common in the building trade. The international IFC 2x3 certification received by the CADS Electric serves as a guarantee for quality.

Taking 2D needs into consideration.

In the CADS Electric software, data model based 3D designing is not an encumbrance, but an opportunity. The needs of 2D designing have been taken into consideration while developing the 3D properties without making it more difficult. With the CADS Electric, when you are creating a traditional installation drawing, a 3D model is generated automatically. The generation is done intelligently, taking into consideration, for example, the correct placement of components on the walls.

Product models as the basis for designing.

Product model designing with the CADS Electric is based on the product models of the software whereupon, for example, a 3D model (as it really looks) which is equivalent to a single electrical component or so-called space reservation information (the 3D model will be generated based on the size information) can be defined. The software includes extensive 3D model libraries.

Certified IFC data transfer.

The CADS Electric includes import and export functions of IFC formatted data models. For the export functions, the CADS Electric is internationally certified according to the IFC 2x3 standard. Due to the bidirectional IFC data transfer properties, you can, for example, download models of different fields (architecture, structural, HVAC, electricity) into the CADS software and thus create so-called combination models.

Deeply involved in developing data model design.

As the developer of the CADS software, we are actively developing an efficient and open operation model of data model design for construction projects. We are involved in the operation of buildingSMART Finland, which is the coordinator of the development activities; we are promoting the 3D library issue in the electrical engineering product supplier and organisation sector; and we are working in cooperation with other software houses. An example of our cooperation is the Tekla Structures software for structural design, to which it is possible to transfer all the hole reservations made with Electric in the IFC format, so that the structural engineer can comment on them.