Koulutus (EN)

Continuous development.
The maintenance agreement will keep your software up-to-date.

Voluntary maintenance agreement.

Our software policy is honest and fair. As our customer, you have a free hand in updating your software when necessary: there are no updating obligations tied to prescribed times, and the user rights of your software will not expire.

On the contrary; a voluntary, moderately priced maintenance agreement whose costs you will know beforehand is there to support your work. This is also a part of the overall economic efficiency of the CADS.

New versions and revisions immediately available.

The results of our continuous product development are immediately at your disposal as a maintenance agreement customer via our Internet update service without having to wait for months or even for years.

Toll-free CADS telephone support, now and in future.

As a CADS maintenance agreement customer, you can also be sure that our toll-free and widely praised telephone support is at your disposal in problem situations.